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Unformatted text preview: esponsibility for ensuring an investigation into the causes of the March 8 kick was conducted. 188 Cocales assumed Guide’s responsibilities BP‐HZN‐MBI00125458 (post‐incident interview notes). BP‐HZN‐MBI00222540. 184 BP‐HZN‐MBI0022252. 185 BP‐HZN‐MBI00255906. 186 Cocales testimony at 271‐72. 187 BP‐HZN‐MBI00265306. 188 Testimony of Ian Little, Joint Investigation Hearing, April 7, 2011, at 38. 182 183 81 when Guide took time off after his father’s death. 189 Those responsibilities included investigation of the March 8 kick incident. On April 6, Keith Daigle, BP well operations advisor, notified Guide that Bob Kaluza would replace Ronnie Sepulvado as one of the two BP well team leaders on the Deepwater Horizon so that Sepulvado could attend well control training. 190 Kaluza had four years of deepwater drilling experience but minimal experience with the Deepwater Horizon rig. Meanwhile, the problem of “just in time delivery of well plans,” which O’Bryan expressed concerns about, continued...
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