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Unformatted text preview: 0255923. 92 93 42 deepwater wells is typically a viable option; however, care should be taken when designing and executing the job to prevent nitrogen breakout. Testing the stability of foam cement before it is used in an offshore cement job is common practice in the industry. Consistent with this practice, Halliburton shipped samples of the Macondo cement to its laboratory in advance of the date on which the cement components were to be used on the Macondo well and retained surplus samples from the testing program. Halliburton conducted pre‐ job testing of the mixture of ingredients to be used in the Macondo cement slurry to assess whether the cement could be pumped and would set up properly under conditions simulated to match those down the wellbore. While Halliburton conducted several pre‐job cement tests, it did not finish its final compressive strength analysis for the cement used on the production casing string. Compressive strength analyses determine the length of time for the cement slurry to develop sufficient strength to achieve zonal isolation and provide sufficient support to the casing. On April 19, Jesse Gagliano, the Hallib...
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