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Unformatted text preview: ing 143 A rat hole is the extra space drilled beyond the last hydrocarbon zone of interest so that logging tools (used to evaluate the zone of interest) can be run. 144 BP‐HZN‐CEC0011406. 145 BP‐HZN‐MB1‐00021304. 58 pressure at the surface. The OptiCem program can be used as a tool to determine the gas flow potential of any primary cement job. While BP used Halliburton’s OptiCem model, it did not focus on the gas flow potential issues raised by the model. In addition, Halliburton’s best practices document recommends that a cement evaluation log be run to evaluate the quality of the cement job. 146 As discussed below, BP did not run a cement evaluation log for the Macondo well. 2. BP Cement Evaluation Log Requirement In anticipation of potential fluid losses during the production casing cement job, the BP Macondo well team positioned a logging crew and evaluation tools on the rig to run a cement evaluation log. A cement evaluation log is used to enable a crew to evaluate the quality of a cement job and whether the cement in the annular space set up successfully. If the log indicates problems with the cement, the crew can pump additional cement to remediate the primary cement job. BP’s Mark Hafle...
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