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Unformatted text preview: r the production casing, rig personnel continuously monitored fluids being pumped into and flowing out of the well. The rig crew calculated the quantity of fluids pumped into the well using the pump’s piston volume output and efficiency. Piston volume is calculated using the pump’s liner inside diameter and stroke length efficiency. Sensors on the pump measure how fast the pump is moving instead of directly measuring the volume of fluid being pumped. Flow out of the Macondo well could be measured several ways, including by monitoring pit volumes, 136 monitoring Transocean’s flow paddles, 137 or monitoring the sonic and radar sensors (flow‐ out meters) located in the return flow line. 138 Monitoring the return flow line would provide the most accurate measure of fluid volumes out of the well. The flow‐out meter has a 10 percent margin of error and must be based on properly calibrated devices. Recalibration of the flow‐out meter is frequently necessary due to rig movement, ballasting, crane operations,...
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