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Unformatted text preview: l requirements to conduct investigations into all drilling incidents, BP did not do so for the March 8 incident. BP’s failure to perform an incident investigation into the March 8, 2010 well control event and delayed kick detection was a possible contributing cause to the April 20, 2010 kick detection failure. The Panel found no evidence that, during cement pumping, BP shared information with either the Deepwater Horizon rig personnel or Transocean shore‐ based employees about the increased risks associated with the Macondo production casing cement operations, such as, the decision not to include a second cement barrier above the wiper plug and the anomalies encountered during cement pumping. BP’s failure to inform the parties operating on its behalf of all known risks associated with the Macondo well production casing cement job was a possible contributing cause of the kick detection failure. BP decided to combine two lost circulation material pills, and use this combined material as a spacer in the Macondo well. The presence of this spacer allowed viscous mat...
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