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Unformatted text preview: contributing role in the blowout is weaker or less compelling. The casing buoyancy analysis evaluated whether the production casing floated up the wellbore a result of the blowout. 11 As discussed in more detail later in this report, a BOP stack is a large device that sits on top of a well and is designed to assist rig crews in maintaining control of the well. Various BOP stack components can be manually or automatically operated to seal the well and protect against a blowout. The central issue investigated by the JIT regarding the Deepwater Horizon BOP was why the BOP failed to stop the flow of hydrocarbons from the Macondo well. 10 12 B. Background Regarding Deepwater Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico The goal of deepwater drilling operations is to locate and extract oil and gas (collectively referred to as “hydrocarbons”) from reservoirs located beneath the sea floor. In some reservoirs, the hydrocarbons become trapped beneath impermeable rock; when this happens, the hydrocarbons seep into surrounding porous rock. Drilling operations seek to penetrate the impermeabl...
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