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Unformatted text preview: radient, and the “swab” margin, which is typically 0.2 ppg above the pore pressure. In short, the mud must be heavy enough to control the pore pressure and ensure that the formation fluids (including hydrocarbons) do not enter the wellbore, while not so heavy that it fractures the formation. 61 BOEMRE regulations require operators to provide various data to the Agency demonstrating that the operator is maintaining a safe margin. For example, operators must show, in a single graphic plot, pore pressures, mud weights and fracture gradients for the full extent of the well. 62 The plotted data reflects forecasted data based on 3D seismic and offset well data. 63 When operators encounter unexpected pressures that differ from their forecasts, applicable regulations require the operator to revise its casing design and apply to the Agency for approval of the modification. 64 The final estimated Macondo well pore pressure, mud weight, and fracture gradient plot submitted to MMS on March 26 is sh...
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