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Unformatted text preview: was through the shoe track. The Panel concluded that hydrocarbon flow during the blowout occurred through the 9‐ 7/8 x 7 inch production casing from the shoe track as a result of float collar and shoe track failure. 74 VI. Challenges at the Macondo Well BP and Transocean encountered a number of problems during drilling and temporary abandonment operations at the Macondo well – including kicks, stuck pipe, lost returns, equipment leaks, cost overruns, well scheduling and logistical issues, personnel changes and conflicts, and last minute procedure changes. These problems led rig personnel and others to refer to Macondo as the “well from hell.” 160 A. Kicks and Stuck Drill Pipe BP company records and testimony from rig personnel establish that at least three well control events and multiple kicks occurred during drilling and temporary abandonment operations at the Macondo well. The first well control event occurred on October 26, 2009, when the well was being drilled by Transocean’s Marianas rig. The second well control event occurred on March 8, 2...
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