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Unformatted text preview: explosion at the rig occurred. * * * At that point, my focus was on top the derrick. At that point, it was my concern for my crew, also, because I knew it was coming up aft deck and I couldnʹt see right behind my cabin on the lower levels. So simultaneously The location described is the same area where the air‐intakes for engine rooms 3 and 4 were located. 314 Testimony of Paul Erickson, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 11, 2010, at 228‐32. 313 121 working radios and I talked to the bridge. I informed my guys to come inside away from the deck area. So my focus was there and it wasnʹt nowhere else on the rig until I felt and heard the explosion off the port side there. 315 These witnesses testified that they saw mud flowing and possibly a “gassy smoke” in the vicinity of the air intake for engine room 3 and the mud gas separator prior to the explosions. This suggests that engine room 3 or the mud gas separator was a possible ignition source. C. Other Possible Ignition Sources 1. Electric...
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