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Unformatted text preview: ly involve the work of many different spets. In addition to BP, the leaseholder and the designated operator of the Macondo well, and Transocean, the following companies also had significant roles in the operation: Halliburton, which provides products and services to the energy industry worldwide and is one of the world’s largest cementing contractors to the oil and gas industry, provided cement planning, products, and services at Macondo. Anadarko E&P Company LP, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and MOEX were BP’s partners in the Macondo well. Anadarko E&P Company LP owned 22.5%, and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation owned 2.5%. 17 Both Anadarko companies are U.S. oil and gas exploration companies. 18 MOEX Offshore 2007, a Japanese oil exploration firm, owned a 10% share of the well. 19 The companies shared in BP’s costs to drill the Macondo well and would have shared in any profits from the well. Cameron, which is a Texas‐based manufacturer of oil and gas pressure control equipment, manufactured the Deepwater Horizon...
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