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Unformatted text preview: tion into the Marine Casualty, Explosion, Fire, Pollution, and Sinking of Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Deepwater Horizon, with Loss of Life in the Gulf of Mexico, April 21‐22, 2010 (the “Convening Order”). By order of the Secretary of the Interior, dated June 18, 2010, BOEMRE replaced the former Minerals Management Service (“MMS”) as the United States’ offshore resource manager and safety authority. 3 Panel members included David Dykes (co‐chair), Glynn Breaux, John McCarroll, Kirk Malstrom, and Jason Mathews. 4 IRU members included Michael Farber, Lisa Scanlon, and Kishan Nair. 2 10 (Transocean), Patrick O’Bryan (BP), and Robert Kaluza (BP). 5 Under the Marine Board rules and other governing authorities, the PIIs possessed certain rights relating to the investigation. 6 Under the Convening Order, the JIT was given the full investigative authority of both the Department of the Interior and the Department of Homeland Security. 7 The JIT held seven public hearings and heard testimony from more than 80 witnesses. 8 Three witnesses whose testimony was sought by the JIT inv...
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