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Unformatted text preview: nt of drilling mud with seawater. Notwithstanding multiple anomalies that the crew encountered during the several failed negative test attempts, the drill crew and the BP well site leaders decided not to flush the system and conduct a new negative test. Testimony from rig personnel involved with the negative test reflects that they believed that they had successfully tested the integrity of the well by checking for flow on the kill line. Kaluza stated that “[i]t was not flowing…Absolutely no flow.” 235 Miles Ezell, Transocean senior toolpusher, testified that Jason Anderson told him that “[i]t went good . . . We bled it off. We rate of “days away from work.” They also planned to discuss the rig’s financial performance (costs compared to AFEs) and ongoing risk and hazard recognition. See BP‐HZN‐MBI129014. 233 Testimony of Patrick O’Bryan, Joint Investigation Hearing, August 26, 2010, at 360, 374; Sims testimony, May 29 2010, at 178. 234 O’Bryan testimony at 443; Sims testimony, May 29, 2010...
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