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Unformatted text preview: heory that later proved to be unfounded. Around 7:45 p.m., after observing for 30 minutes that there was no flow from the kill line, the rig crew concluded that the negative test was successful. At this point, the rig crew most likely concluded that the production casing cement barrier was sound. The cement in the shoe track barrier, however, had in fact failed, and hydrocarbons began to flow from the Macondo reservoir into the well. Despite a number of additional anomalies that should have signaled the existence of a kick or well flow, the crew failed to detect that the well was flowing until 9:42 p.m. By then it was too late – the well was blowing drilling mud up into the derrick and onto the rig floor. If members of the rig crew had detected the hydrocarbon influx earlier, they might have been able to take appropriate actions to control the well. There were several possible reasons why the Deepwater Horizon crew did not detect the kick: The rig crew had experienced problems in promptly dete...
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