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Unformatted text preview: , at 179. 235 BP‐HZN‐MBI00021264. 94 watched it for 30 minutes and we had no flow.” 236 Chris Pleasant testified that, “[d]uring the negative test we didn’t see any – anything flow back.” 237 The crew apparently dismissed the phenomenon of the pressure differential on the drill pipe and kill line as a “bladder effect” or annular compression. Kaluza attempted to explain the bladder effect in an email sent on April 25. 238 I believe there is a bladder effect on the mud below an annular preventer as we discussed. As we know the pressure differential was approximately 1400 – 1500 psi across an 18 ¾” rubber annular preventer, 14.0 SOBM plus 16.0 ppg Spacer in the riser, seawater and SOBM below the annular bladder. Due to a bladder effect, pressure can and will build below the annular bladder due to the differential pressure but can not flow ‐‐‐ the bladder prevents flow, but we see differential pressure on the other side of the bladder. On April 27, Mike Zanghi, BP vice president for drilling and completions, fo...
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