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Unformatted text preview: d. The violation had to be corrected within a reasonable amount of time, which was specified on the warning INC. The shut‐in INC could be for a single component (a portion of the facility) or the entire facility. The violation had to be corrected before the operator was allowed to continue the activity in question. In addition to the enforcement actions specified above, MMS could assess a civil penalty of up to $35,000 per violation per day if: 1) the operator failed to correct the violation in the reasonable amount of time specified on the INC; or 2) the violation resulted in a serious harm or damage, or a threat of serious harm or damage to human life, property or the environment. 405 Figure 13 presents an example of PINC guidance about subsea BOP stacks can be found below: Figure 13 – Example of National PINC Guidance for Drilling Inspection The Panel determined that there was no PINC on the inspectors’ checklist for 30 CFR § 250.446(a) at the time of the Macondo blowout. That provision requires an operator to conduct a major inspection of BOP stack components every three to five years. Because no PINC existed for this requirement, MMS inspectors did not regularly verify that the major inspection...
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