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Unformatted text preview: at collar blockage by installing a float collar that was more debris‐tolerant than the float collar used on the Macondo well. Because of the numerous lost circulation events in the well, BP had to use lost circulation material several times. When there is such material in the well, drillers sometimes use debris‐tolerant float collars to reduce the chances that the material might lead to a blockage. Indeed, during the attempted float collar conversion, one of BP’s contractors suggested to Mark Hafle, a BP drilling engineer, that BP use a more debris‐tolerant float collar in the future. 126 Hafle’s response was that the float collar “shifted at 3140 psi. Or we hope so.” 127 This response suggests that Hafle could not verify that the float collar had converted, nor could he explain why it took so many tries to convert the float collar. The Panel did not find sufficient evidence to determine what caused the blockage that affected the float collar. F. Cementing the Macondo Production Casing The April 1...
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