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Unformatted text preview: ety Board (“CSB”) is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents. 336 The protocols included professional video recording of the entire examination and complete photographic documentation. 337 The protocols in DNV’s forensic testing plan were not meant to be a step‐by‐step set of procedures. As with many forensic examinations, the test plan provided a roadmap for meeting the objectives, but needed to be adapted as the testing progressed. DNV submitted additional protocols that were outside of the scope outlined in the original testing plan to TWG for review and comment and to the JIT for approval. 335 137 of the ram blocks; and (5) function testing of critical functions and circuits that were involved in the attempts to control the well during the first two days following the blowout. 338 3. Materials Evaluation and Damage Assessment Another critical part of DNV’s forensic work was materials evaluation and damage assessment. Materials evaluation included: (1) cleaning and examining the BOP rams; (2) cleaning and examining drill pipe s...
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