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Unformatted text preview: measurement tool that is able to able to detect changes in equipment to within fractions of an inch. Based on this lead impression, the technicians on the Development Driller II (DDII) relief well operation concluded that the 9‐7/8 inch Keystone Report, September 2010. The Unified Area Command refers to the unified, interagency response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 152 153 62 hanger and seal assembly remained properly seated in the 18‐3/4 inch high pressure housing, where it had been placed on April 19 prior to the blowout. 154 Additional evidence from the intervention operations also tends to eliminate this first well flow scenario. On September 10, during the well intervention operation, BP conducted a positive pressure test of the 9‐7/8 inch production casing in the Macondo well by pumping 6 bbls of 13.2 ppg drilling mud down the BOP kill line and reached an instantaneous shut‐in casing pressure (ISICP) of 4,270 psi. The kill line was then shut in and, after 30 minutes, the shut‐in pressure remained at 4,158 psi, therefore revealing no...
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