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Unformatted text preview: il (synthetic oil with no additives) ahead of a water‐based spacer (a spacer is a fluid mixture that keepsthe mud and cement separated). The spacer was followed by a bottom dart, the cement, the top dart and more spacer. After the second spacer, the crew pumped drilling mud to push the materials in front of it down the drill pipe. When the darts reach the end of the drill pipe, the darts launch bottom and top wiper plugs that separate the cement from the other materials traveling down the well. When the bottom plug reaches the top of the float collar, pressure causes the plug to rupture, and cement passes through the plug into the shoe track. After all of the cement has moved through the bottom plug and into the track, the top wiper plug lands on the float valves. The top plug is not A “dart” is a device pumped through a tubing string to activate downhole equipment and tools. A “wiper plug” is a plastic component that travels down the well to separate the spacer and the cement. 88 40 designed to rupture but instead remains intact to prevent mud or spacer f...
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