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Unformatted text preview: y mind because it seemed to be one of the fairly routine things to happen. As discussed in the previous section, the mud gas separator is a device used to separate gas from drilling fluid. It is not designed to handle high volume flow. The panel calculated that the possible instantaneous flow rate was approximately 129.6 million cubic feet per day (“MMCFPD”) based on fact that the Sperry‐Sun data showed a 150 bbl influx. 312 Sandell testimony at 10‐11. A gantry crane is a large crane that is on a horizontal track and can move across the main deck. 311 120 * * * Shortly after that, I saw an eruption of fluid out of the aft end of the derrick on the main deck of the rig and the Captain had been on the radio to the rig telling them we were being covered with mud and they had responded that they were having a well control problem and shortly after that we were told that we ought get out of the way. Somewhere in that interval, the eruption of liquid and the aft end of the rig behind the ‐ aft of the derrick, 313 there was a flash of fire and I hollered, ʺFire on the rig, fire on the rig,ʺ and headed for the general alarm and after that it got pretty chaotic. 314 Alwin Landry, the captain...
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