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Unformatted text preview: were made to shut in the well using ROVs after the rig was evacuated. On April 21, BP initially attempted to activate the middle pipe ram; however, personnel experienced problems with insufficient ROV pump volumes and hot stab tools. On April 22, BP used an ROV to try to activate the autoshear function, which would have closed the BSR. The ROV was unable to sufficiently cut the poppet valve to activate the autoshear. 390 The next ROV attempt, on April 22, to close the BSR by “hot stabbing” was not successful either. 391 This attempt was hampered by the fact that the BOP stack had been modified to convert a variable bore ram into a test ram at BP’s request. 392 The response team was not aware of this until early May and thus made multiple efforts to hot stab the test ram under the belief that they were hot stabbing a pipe ram. 393 Again on April 22, BP successfully cut the poppet valve for the autoshear. This is the scenario that the Panel and DNV Report conclude likely closed the BSR, but failed to seal the well. From April 25 through May 5, BP tried 17 additional ROV interventions to close various BOP rams and an...
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