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Unformatted text preview: y cement on top of the wiper plug. This additional cement would have created another barrier to prevent flow up the production casing that could have been pressure and weight tested. BP’s failure to place cement on top of the wiper plug was a contributing cause of the blowout. C. Possible Contributing Causes of the Cement Barrier Failure The float collar model used in the Macondo well was not as debris‐ tolerant (and therefore was more susceptible to blockages) as other models that were available and would have been more suitable in light of the known challenges with the Macondo well. BP’s decision to use a float collar that was not sufficiently debris‐tolerant was a possible contributing cause of the blowout. 70 On the Macondo well, BP had the option to temporarily abandon the well without setting a production casing, as it had done previously with the Kodiak, MC 727, Number 2 and Tiber, KC 102, Number 1 wells when faced with similar narrow drilling margins and lost returns at total depth. BP’s decision to set ca...
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