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Unformatted text preview: e likelihood of a similar event in the future. Throughout this report, the Panel classifies the factors that contributed to the blowout in the following categories: Causes are those factors that most immediately and proximately caused the blowout; that most directly led to the circumstances underlying the blowout; or that allowed the blowout to happen. But for these factors, there would not have been a blowout. These factors may be specific events or conditions that existed in the well or on the rig at the time of the blowout. Contributing Causes are those factors that alone would not have led to the blowout, but that were significant in contributing to the events or conditions that gave rise to the blowout. For a factor to be classified as a contributing cause of an event, there must be compelling evidence supporting both the existence of the factor and that it materially contributed to the occurrence or severity of the event. Possible Contributing Causes are those factors that either were minor contributing causes of the blowout or for which the evidence suggests the factor’s...
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