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Unformatted text preview: eed to be corrected prior to APD approval. Operators routinely gathered information and formulated drilling programs that were much more detailed than the information required in the APD submitted to MMS. For example, the drilling prognosis submitted with the Macondo APD was condensed to a single page, while the full BP drilling program was more than 100 pages long. If an operator changed drilling plans after submission of an APD, it was required to submit an “application for permit to modify” (“APM”). 401 The APM was required to include “a detailed statement of the proposed work that would materially change from the approved APD.” 402 MMS’s Gulf of Mexico region was divided into five districts. The Macondo well is located in the Mississippi Canyon Block 252, which is covered by the New Orleans District. Frank Patton, an MMS drilling engineer in the New Orleans District, approved the Macondo APD on behalf of David Trocquet, the New Orleans District Manager. The Panel found that Patton did not recognize that BP failed to submit supporting documentation th...
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