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Unformatted text preview: pply unit, which was designed to keep surface and subsea equipment operational under all conditions. All primary functions of the BOP stack were controlled through the multiplex cables, which connected the rig to the BOP stack. As a result, the loss of the multiplex cables would result in loss of power and loss of control of these functions. To ensure operational redundancy and AC power supply, the uninterruptable power supply unit included a battery system able to provide power to the panels, diverter controls, event logger and pods for at least two hours of normal operation. 330 Cameron offers an option for a rig to have the ability to monitor each pod’s battery voltages from any control panel. The Deepwater Horizon did not have this additional Cameron technology, which would have enabled the rig crew to monitor battery voltages. C. Emergency Disconnect System The emergency disconnect system is a system that can allow the rig to separate from the BOP. This system can be activated from three different locations: (1) the drillerʹs control panel; (2) the bridge; or...
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