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Unformatted text preview: board the Deepwater Horizon during the negative test on April 20. Between the two managers, they possessed approximately 50 years of drilling experience. Neither Vidrine nor Robert Kaluza consulted with their managers about the negative tests, their interpretation, or any other anomalies that occurred on the evening of April 20. Further, Hafle warned Vidrine that there might have been a problem with the negative test. The failure of the well site leaders to communicate well‐ related issues with the managers onboard the Deepwater Horizon was a possible contributing cause of the kick detection failure. The Panel identified five negative test procedures that BP developed between April 12 and April 20. In addition, Leo Lindner of MI‐SWACO developed a negative test, and the rig crew performed a negative test through the drill pipe. Also, on April 17, Guide sent an email to Sims stating that there “had been so many last minute changes to the operation that the WSL’s have finally come to their wits end. The quote is ‘flying by the seat of our...
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