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Unformatted text preview: had severe gas flow potential. Eleven of these 53 cement jobs were performed in the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico. BP was the operator on two of Halliburton’s severe gas flow potential cement jobs conducted in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. D. Centralizers A centralizer is a device that fits around a casing string or liner to ensure centering of the casing in an open hole. Centralization of casing strings and liners facilitates the efficient placement of cement around the casing string. Even though the Macondo well was a straight hole, BP used centralizers because the diameter of the production casing does not always align exactly with the center of the wellbore and, therefore, without centralizers the production casing could rest along the sides of the wellbore. Casing string contact with the side of the wellbore can lead to void spaces in the cement job (referred to as “channeling”). On April 14, four days before the production casing was scheduled to be run, BP had only six centralizers available on the Deepwater Horizon for the production...
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