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Unformatted text preview: e WARs on the Macondo well, Patton and Peter Botros, noted no deficiencies on the WARs during the drilling of the Macondo well. C. Macondo Departures and Alternative Procedures In the APD process, operators could seek authorization from MMS to depart from the drilling requirements set out in 30 CFR Part 250. 404 MMS could also allow operators to conduct alternative procedures if those procedures are deemed to be safer or as safe as the requirements set forth in 30 CFR Part 250. MMS granted multiple requests for departures and alternative procedures at the Macondo well in the Macondo APD (see Appendix I). The Panel found that these Testimony of Frank Patton, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 11, 2010, at 268‐69. See 30 CFR § 250.142; 30 CFR § 250.409. 403 404 161 departures from the regulations or alternate procedures were not a cause of the Macondo blowout. D. MMS Drilling Inspections An MMS drilling inspection routinely involved a review of required documents and records, a walk‐through visual inspection of the facility, and testing of equipment. Records reviewe...
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