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Unformatted text preview: own at Figure 1. The vertical axis of Figure 1 shows the depth of the well. The horizontal axis shows the mud weight. The red line depicts BP’s planned mud weight, which was designed to be between the kick margin and the swab margin identified in Figure 1. Maintaining mud weight in this range is an industry‐accepted practice but is not specifically required by BOEMRE regulations. 62 30 CFR §§ 250.413 and 414. 63 “Off‐set well data” are data obtained from wells that are drilled in an area close to the target well. 64 30 CFR § 250.427(b). 61 28 Figure 1 – Macondo Well Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient Plot 65 As seen in Figure 2, the formation integrity test at the 9‐7/8 inch liner shoe located at 17,168 feet yielded results of 15.98 ppg (as identified in the IADC daily reports, which are completed by the rig crew to document daily operations) and 16.22 ppg (identified in BP’s Daily Operation Report). The Panel found that this integrity test may have created uncertainty because (...
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