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Unformatted text preview: d LIT [lead impression tool] impression” – by saying “[w]e will never know if your million dollar flush run was needed. How does this get us to sector leadership.” 175 The Panel found evidence that BP’s decision to have the Deepwater Horizon crew install the lock‐down sleeve, discussed in more detail below, was motivated by cost‐savings. A lock‐down sleeve is a piece of equipment necessary for the production of a well. It connects and holds the production casing to the wellhead during production, thereby protecting the connection from the pressures generated by a flowing well. Lock‐down sleeves are often installed by lower cost rigs that are used mainly for completion work instead of by a drilling rig like the Deepwater Horizon. Email correspondence reveals that BP did not initially intend to have the Deepwater Horizon install the lock‐down sleeve, but then changed course when it was shown that doing so would likely save 5.5 days APM submitted by BP to the MMS (Agency Tracking ID: EWL‐APM‐1238...
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