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Unformatted text preview: properly maintained and certified explosion‐proof, intrinsically‐safe, or purged and pressurized equipment, which should have prevented the ignition of flammable gases by any electrical equipment installed in this area. The Panel found no evidence that the electrical equipment located on or near the drill floor’s hazardous area was a cause of the ignition. 127 2. Mechanical Sources For mechanical sparks resulting from friction to have occurred, there must be movement of equipment. At the time of the blowout no rig floor operations were being conducted outside of the investigation into the drill pipe pressure differential. The Panel found no evidence that the mechanical equipment on the rig floor was a cause of the ignition. 3. Other Non‐Hazardous Area Sources If the flammable gas cloud dispersed beyond the hazardous areas on the rig to other deck locations with unclassified equipment, then those ignition sources could have sparked an explosion. Any unclassified equipment, such as an electrical outlet, would not result in...
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