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Unformatted text preview: rations – operations that did not typically include the setting of a lock‐down sleeve, which was typically done by a rig that specializes in completion operations. Indeed, the Panel concluded that none of the BP personnel on the rig on April 20 had experience setting a lock‐down sleeve. 201 Common industry practice is, due to safety concerns, to set the lock‐down sleeve in mud prior to displacement and setting of the cement plug. Although the crew displaced the mud, the crew never got to the point of setting the lock‐down sleeve. The Panel found no evidence that BP assessed the risks associated with its decision to set the lock‐down sleeve. This decision increased the risk associated with subsequent procedures, including the setting of the surface plug, the displacement, and the negative test sequence. In all likelihood, had the lock‐ down sleeve been set at a later time, the surface plug would not have been set as deep; the surface plug would have been set sooner; and displacement would not have resulted in a lower pressure differential in the well. Notwithstanding the fact...
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