History of aicraft piston engines

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Unformatted text preview: v ol. 15, no. 18 ( September 1922), p p. 455, 478. T AYLOR, C . F AYETTE. R ecent aircraft engine developments. SAE Transaction, vol. 17, P t. 1, 1922, pp. 8 72-881, illus. C HRISTIANSEN, O . C . T est of A rmstrong Siddeley "Jaguar" 14-cylinder r adial aviation e ngine rated a t 320 h.p. at 1500 r .p.m. U .S. A rmy A ir Service (Engineering D ivision, McCook Field), Report, n o. 2218, J uly 16, 1923. 53 pp., illus., diagrs., g raph data. H ERON, S AMUEL D . E xhaust valves a nd g uides for a ircraft engines. U .S. A rmy A ir S ervice (Engineering Division, McCook Field), Report, n o. 2 328, September 4 , 1923. 2 8 pp., I llus., diagrs., graph data. Record of e arly development work o n i nternal cooling through t he use of " salts," sodium a nd p otassium nitrate mixture. L EIGHTON, B RUCE G ., L T . , U SN. R ecent developments i n a ircraft a nd engines i n the N avy. SAE Transactions, v ol. 18, Pt. 1, 1923, pp. 8 62-887, illus., drgs., graph d ata. M O F F E T , WILLIAM A ., R A D M . , U SN. T h e aeronautical engine: Some differences be- tween t he a irship a nd a irplane power plant. U.S. Air Services, vol. 8, no. 3 ( March 1923), p p. 1 3-15. A NGLE, G LENN D . P rogress Toward 1000 hp. a ircraft engines. Aviation ( February 2 5, 1924), v ol. 16, pp. 1 98-200, illus. Author w as in c harge of e ngine design, U .S. A rmy A ir S ervice. 105 M EAD, GEORGE J . A irplane Engine Designing for R eliability. SAE Transactions, v ol. 19, P t. 1, 1924, pp. 6 95-717, illus., drgs., diagrs., graph data. See also u nder History and Technology ( HOURWICH a nd F OSTER, 1 925; L AWRANCE, 1 922; V incent, 1922). Engines 1925-1929 B OEDECKER, K . J. The e conomy of air c ooling. Aviation, vol. 18, no. 18 (May 4, 1925), p p. 4 92-493. Mostly about t he W right J series. M C C O R D , C HARLES G ., L T . , USN. A eronautical Engine Laboratory, Naval Aircraft F actory, Philadelphia. Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers ( May 1925), v ol. 37, pp. 2 75-305. T he makers of N apier engines. Aviation, v ol. 19, no. 17 ( October 2 6, 1925), p p. 5 86-588 i llus. N apier Lion a nd the S chneider C up. T he n ew P ackard aircraft engines; detailed description of the l atest aircraft engines produced b y the P ackard Motor C ar Co. Aviation, v ol. 18, no. 19 (May 11, 1 925), p p. 5 17-520, illus. P ratt a nd W hitney Aircraft C o. f ormed t o m anufacture aircraft engines. Aviation, v ol. 19, n o. 5 ( August 3 , 1925), p . 121. T AYLOR, C . F AYETTE. T he d esign of air-cooled cylinders. Aviation, v ol. 18, n o. 23 ( June 8, 1925), p p. 6 34-636; n o. 24 ( June 15, 1925), p p. 6 64-667. Drgs., illus., t ab. d ata. W ILSON, EUGENE E ., C DR., U SN. A ircraft engine design. NACA Technical Note, n o. 2 11, 1925. 3 0 pp., i llus., diagrs., graph data. A good survey, a s of 1924. A rmstrong-Siddeley i n field with light air-cooled aircraft engine. Automotive Industries, vol. 5 5, no. 18 ( October 2 8, 1 926), p . 746. G raph data o n A rmstrong-...
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