History of aicraft piston engines

graph and tab data references are mostly to british

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Unformatted text preview: 6, pp. 8 1-89. T heory and practice of tuned absorbers. W OOD, H . Liquid-cooled aero engines. SAE Transactions, v ol. 31, 1936, pp. 267-287, 4 00, 4 24, illus., tab. and graph data. Relates chiefly to the Rolls-Royce Kestral e ngine. 1,000 h.p. Wright Cyclone. Aero Digest, v ol. 29, no. 3 (September 1936), pp. 32, 35, illus. Y OUNG, RAYMOND W . Air-cooled radial aircraft engine performance possibilities. SAE Transactions, v ol. 31, 1936, pp. 234—256, illus., drgs., diagrs., graph data. Relates chiefly to Wright Aero's models. A ccent on the a spirate; some glimpses of Napier 'H'-shaped engines in production. Flight, v ol. 3 1, no. 1485 (June 10, 1937), Engineering Supplement, pp. a, b, c. Allison 1,000 h.p. chemically-cooled model 1710 engine. Aero Digest, v ol. 30, no. 6 ( June 1937), pp. 50, 88-89. This engine was a close copy of the Rolls-Royce M erlin. F EDDEN,' A . H . R. Trend of air-cooled aero e ngines—the n ext five years. SAE Transactions, v ol. 32, 1937, pp. 437-454, 467, illus., drgs., graph and tab. data. References are mostly to British and Bristol developments. G REGORY, A . T. Features of the in-line air-cooled aircraft engine. SAE Transactions, vol. 3 2, 1937, pp. 473-482, illus., drgs., tab. and graph data. Fairchild SGV-770 R anger engine. Gregory was chief engineer of Ranger. L OMBARD, A . E., J r . How many engines? The question of power plant sub-division c an't be solved by the old eenie, m eenie, m einie moe f ormula. Aviation, v ol. 36, n o. 7 ( July 1937), pp. 3 0-31, 6 3-64, 67-68. Includes footnote references. M EAD, GEORGE J . Aircraft power plant trends. SAE Transactions, v ol. 32, 1937, p p. 455467, illus., drgs., graph data. More on Pratt and Whitney engines. T he coming of the sleeve valve. Aircraft Engineering, v ol. 9, no. 102 (August 1937), pp. 203204. Bristol sleeve-valve engine. H ow the sleeve valve works. The Aeroplane, v ol. 52, no. 1362 (June 30, 1937), p. 816, illus. Bristol sleeve-valve e ngine. 109 C ARRY, WILLIAM J . Latest twelve cylinder Ranger engines. Aero Digest, v ol. 32, no. 4 ( April 1938), pp. 46, 48, 9 0-91, illus., g raph d ata. Ranger vertical and V,air-cooled e ngine. A n ew air-cooled motor. The Aeroplane, v ol. 54, no. 1413 (June 22, 1938), pp. 776-778, illus., d rgs., phantom view. DeHavilland 525-hp Gypsy 4-cylinder vertical for l ight planes. D RAPER, C . S. Gas pressure torque in radial engines. Journal of the Aeonautical Sciences, v ol. 6, no. 1 (November 1938), pp. 1-6, g raph data, footnote refs. F EDDEN, A . H. R. The single sleeve as a valve mechanism for the aircraft engine. SAE Transactions, v ol. 33, 1938, pp. 349-365, illus., drgs., diagrs., graph data. H AZEN, R . M., and M ONTEITH, O . V . Torsional vibration of in-line aircraft engines. SAE Transactions, v ol. 33, 1938, pp. 3 35-341, g raph data. The Allison V -1710 e ngine. Seven cylinder Lycoming; new R-530-D series supplements established line of nine c ylinder engines. Aviation, v ol. 37, no. 1 (January 1938), P. 38, illus.,...
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