History of aicraft piston engines

130 pp chiefly history in u s including engines a nd

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Unformatted text preview: obert H . G oddard in r ocket development, as e dited from Goddard's notes a nd m emoranda. H ARPER, H ARRY. " T h e first a ir d isplay: A v eteran aviation j ournalist r ecalls t he R heims m eeting 4 0 y ears a go. Flight, vol. 56, no. 2121 ( August 18, 1949), p p. 1 88-190, illus. A ccount of first European a ir m eet, Rheims, 1 909; speed contest w on b y C urtiss a t 4 7 mph. 97 H AYWARD, CHARLES B . Practical aviation; an understandable presentation of interesting and essential facts in aeronautical science. C hicago: American Technical Society, 1919. 784 pp., illus., drgs., diagrs. A n 8 8-p. section treats engines; glossary of 15 p p . H ERON, SAMUEL D . History of the aircraft piston engine; a brief outline. D etroit: Ethyl C orporation, 1961. 130 pp. Chiefly history in U .S., including engines a nd fuels b y a n e ngineer actively engaged i n a ircraft engine development since 1915. H OBBS, LEONARD S. T h e a ircraft engine. The Bee Hive, v ol. 24, no. 4 (fall 1954), p p . 3 -10, illus. Author w as chief engineer of P ratt a nd W hitney. H ODGSON, J . E. The History of aeronautics in Great Britain from earliest times to the latter half of the \9th century. Oxford University Press, 1924. 436 pp., illus., drgs. T h e a ppendices, p p. 3 73-418, include a c hronology a nd an e xcellent annotated bibl. keyed t o the t ext's chapters. T he t ext includes good accounts of w ork of Stringfellow a nd Henson. H OLZER, HEINRICH. Die Berechnung der Drehschwingungen und ihre Anwendung im Maschinenbau. B erlin: Julius Springer & C o., 1921. 199 pp., illus., diagrs. Reprinted by Edwards Brothers, Inc., A nn A rbor, Mich., in 1948. A classic work o n e ngine v ibration. H OURWICH, ISKANDER, a nd F OSTER, W . J. Air Service engine handbook. D ayton, Ohio: E ngineering Division, McCook Field, U .S. Air Service, 1925. 738 pp., illus., d iagrs., drgs., extensive graph a nd tab. d ata. Exhaustive data o n e ngines of t hat p eriod. H UNSAKER, JEROME C. A eronautics. Journal of the Franklin Institute, v ol. 253, no. 1 ( January 1951), p p. 4 8-57. Historical survey of its t echnological aspects. Aeronautics at the mid-century. H ew H aven: Y ale University Press. 1952. 116 p p., illus. . F orty years of a eronautical research. Annual Report. . . of the Smithsonian Institution . . .for the year ended June 30,1955, p p. 2 41-271, 1956. Jane's all the world's aircraft. P ublished annually since 1909, e xcept 1915 and 1 921; i ts e ditors a nd p ublishers vary over t he y ears. K ELLY, FRED C. The Wright brothers; a biography authorized by Orville Wright. N ew Y ork: H arcourt Brace a nd Co., 1943. 340 pp. —•——, e d. Miracle at Kitty Hawk; the letters of Wilbur and Orville Wright. N ew Y ork: F arrar, Straus, a nd Y oung, 1951. 4 82 p p., illus. L AHM, F RANK P . T h e W right brothers as I k new them. Sperryscope, v ol. 8, no. 10 ( April 1939), 1-5, illus. L ANGLEY, SAMUEL PIERPONT, a nd M ANLY, CHARLES M . Langley memoir on mechanical fligh...
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