History of aicraft piston engines

History of aicraft piston engines

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Unformatted text preview: ctions, v ol. 32, 1937, p p. 5 27-530. At this date Gray was a captain with Pan American Airways; l ater became president of the organization. H ydraulic starter for aircraft engine. Automotive Industries, vol. 76, no. 17 (April 24, 1937), p . 622, illus., diagr. C RONSTEDT, V A L . Shortcomings of mica insulation for aviation spark plugs. SAE Journal, v ol. 46, no. 6 (June 1940), pp. 233-235. R IDDLE, F RANK H . Ceramic insulators for spark plugs. SAE Journal, vol. 46, no. 6 ( June 1940), pp. 236-242. H OLLIDAY, T . B., L T . C OL., U SAAF. Aircraft accessory systems. SAE Transactions, v ol. 5 1, 1943, pp. 2 34-240, 2 47, illus., diagrs., graph data. 119 S park plugs for internal-combustion engines. Lubrication, vol. 35, no. 6 (June 1949), p p. 6 1-72, illus., drgs. Traces some historical development. Also see a rticles in the following NACA Reports: 2d, 1916; 5th, 1919; 7th, 1921; 10th, 1924; 12th, 1926; 16th, 1930; 19th, 1933. Fuels and Combustion, Lubrication K ETTERING, C HARLES F . More efficient utilization of fuel. SAE Transactions, vol. 14, p t. 1, 1919, pp. 201-219. Discussion of engine "knocking" a nd' its relation to fuel structure; indicator cards from optical indicator. Cyclohexane did not k nock in Liberty cylinder with 2 00-lb c ompression; "best" gasoline 125 lb. M IDGLEY, T HOMAS, J R . The combustion of fuels in the internal-combustion engine. SAE Transactions, vol. 15, pt. 2, 1920, p p. 659-696. Discussion of fuel structure a nd its relation to engine behavior; optical indicator shows pressure waves due to d etonation; theory of "knock"; mentions iodine and analin as knock suppressors. K UTZBACH, K . The problem of fuel for aviation engines. NACA Technical Note, n o. 62, 1921, 22 pp., graph and tab. data. A lecture given at the Aldershof Aero L ab., G ermany. W YMAN, W . W. Effect of low grade gasoline on engines. Aviation, vol. 11, n o. 20 (November 14, 1921), pp. 575-576. C AUTLEY, R . B. Fuel and oil consumption important factors in long distance flights; good results obtained by Charles A. Lindbergh with a Whirlwind air-cooled e ngine. Aviation, vol. 2 2, no. 23 (June 6, 1927), pp. 1214-1215, 1243. J ONES, E . T. Fuel for the Wright "Whirlwind." Aviation, vol. 23, no. "20 ( November 14, 1927), pp. 1170-1172. S TALEY, F . R. Some pertinent facts about aviation engine oils. Aviation, vol. 27, no. 6 ( August 10, 1929), p p. 3 04-305, illus. CUMMINGS, H . K. Gasoline requirements of commercial aircraft engines. SAE Transactions, vol. 25, 1930, p p. 1 61-163. D OOLITTLE, J AMES H . Volatility requirements of aircraft fuels. SAE Transactions, v ol. 2 5, 1930, pp. 170-172. H ERON, S. D. Fuel requirements of the gasoline aircraft engine. SAE Transactions, v ol. 25, 1930, p p. 1 64-169. . H igh performance gasoline aircraft engine: Its problems of fuel, oil, and materials of cylinder construction. ASME, Transactions, vol. 52 (1930), pp. 233-253. N EVILLE, L ESLIE E . The S.A.E. discusses fuel....
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