History of aicraft piston engines

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Unformatted text preview: lopment. SAE Transactions, v ol. 20, pt. 2, 1925, p p. 8 09-851, illus. This article covers development of t he improved HispanoSuiza engines, a nd of the l arge liquid-cooled V -12s a nd L awrance-type r adials d eveloped b y W right Aeronautical Corporation. I t was w ritten just before Mead left Wright t o b ecome o ne of the f ounders of P ratt a nd W hitney a nd its first chief e ngineer. M EYER, ROBERT B ., J r . T hree famous early aero engines. Annual Report of the . . . Smithsonian Institution for the Tear Ended June 30, 1961, p p. 3 57-372, illus., 1962. G ood descriptions of the first Wright brothers' engine, t he L angley-Manly-Balzer r adial, a nd the C lement engine used briefly by S antos-Dumont. O n a g reat pioneer. The Aeroplane, vol. 2 2, no. 13 ( March 29, 1922), p p. 2 21-222. uary o n L evavasseur, designer of the A ntoinette airplane a nd e ngine. P RATT, P . W. Aircraft propulsion systems in e volution. 3 , n o. 3 ( March 1965), p p. 6 0-66. 99 Obit- Astronautics and Aeronautics, v ol. R EBER, SAMUEL, L T . C OL., U SA. Recent progress in military aeronautics. Journal of the Franklin Institute, vol. 180, no. 4 (October 1915), p p. 437-448. R ICARDO, S IR HARRY RALPH. Engines of high output; thermodynamic considerations. L ondon: M acdonald and Evans, 1926. 110 pp., illus., diagrs. . T he development and progress of the aero engine. Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society ( December 1930), vol. 34, pp. 1000-1015, graph data. S CHLAIFER, ROBERT, a nd H ERON, S .D. Development of aircraft engines and aviation fuels; two studies of relations between government and business. B oston: Harvard University Press, 1950. 754 pp. Text documented. Pp. 1-544 by Schlaifer, on engines; 5 47-662 by Heron, on fuels; 665-705, technical appendices. S earch of archives reveals interesting engine histories. The Bee Hive, v ol. 12, no. 4 (April 1938), p p. 2-5. Pratt & Whitney development history. S MITH, G . G EOFFREY. Gas turbines and jet propulsion for aircraft. L ondon: Flight Publishing Co., 1942. 79 pp., illus., drgs., diagrs. An unusually fine survey, and at this e arly date it is strong on historical development. S QUIER, G EORGE O ., M AJOR, U SA. The present status of military aeronautics. ASME, Transactions, v ol. 30, 1908, paper 1210, p p. 6 39-721, illus. An excellent survey. , B RIG. GEN., U SA. Aeronautics in the United States. SAE Journal, v ol. 5, no. 6 ( December 1919), p p. 402-414. An excellent survey. T AYLOR, C . F AYETTE. H istory of the aeronautical engine; basic features almost unchanged t hrough development years. Aviation, vol. 21 (August 16, 1926), pp. 284-286, illus. T RUE, WEBSTER P . Operation Homecoming. Sperryscope, v ol. 11, no. 8 (winter 1949), p p. 1-2, illus. Return of the Wright airplane from England to the U.S. T he two R 's—A c ommemorative history of Rolls-Royce aero engines. Flight, v ol. 65, n o. 2363 (May 7, 1954), pp. 571-583, illus. An outstanding survey. V EAL, C . B. Manly, the engineer. SAE Transact...
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