History of aicraft piston engines

2 8 1920 and since that time seven successive models

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Unformatted text preview: t. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, v ol. 27, no. 3, 1911, p p. 1-309, generously illus., with photos, drgs., a nd d iagrs. C h. 3 and 4 of pt. 1 t reat with e arly engines; pt/2, b y M anly describes t he full-scale radial engine a nd the a ttempts a t flight. L AWRANCE, CHARLES L . Air cooled engine development. SAE Transactions, v ol. 17, p t. 1, 1922, p p. 4 31-477, illus., drgs.. graph data. T h e U nited States pioneer of the a ir-cooled radial engine. L EY, WILLY. Rockets, missiles and space travel. N ew Y ork: Viking Press, 1 961. 436 p p., illus., drgs., diagrs., t ab. d ata. Includes some historical material o n r ocket e ngines; h as 18 pp. of v ery useful bibl. 98 L indbergh's Wright Whirlwind a r esult of seven years' development; work begun o n F eb. 2 8, 1920, and since that time seven successive models of a ir-cooled engines h ave been produced. Aviation, vol. 22, no. 25 ( June 2 0, 1927), p p. 1 358-1359, 1396, illus., drgs. L OENING, GROVER. Fifty years of flying progress. Journal of the Franklin Institute, v ol. 256, n o. 6 ( December 1953), p p. 4 93-521, illus. Author w as n oted airplane d esigner 1918-1940. L OUGHEED, VICTOR. Vehicles of the air: A popular exposition of modern aeronautics with working drawings. C hicago: T h e R eilly & B ritton Co., 1909. 514 pp., illus., drgs., diagrs., t ab. d ata. Work of P enaud, Ader, Wright, Santos-Dumont, Voisin, Maxim, L angley, et al. W ell illustrated. T h e a uthor, who subsequently changed his n ame t o "Lockheed" w as one of the b rothers w ho f ounded t he L ockheed Aircraft C o. M AGOUN, FREDERICK ALEXANDER, a nd H ODGINS, E RIC. A history of aircraft. N ew Y ork: W hittlesey House, McGraw-Hill Book C o., 1931. 495 pp., illus. Includes a 5-p. bibl., a nd 25 pp. of c hronology; t ext is documented throughout. A n e xcellent s urvey t o its d ate of p ublication. , a nd . Sky high: The story of aviation. B oston: Little, Brown a nd Co., 1935. 414 pp., illus. A s omewhat more popularized edition of t heir A history of aircraft ( 1931). M ARKS, LIONEL S. The airplane engine. N ew Y ork: McGraw-Hill Book C o., 1922. 454 p p., illus., drgs., diagrs. A t extbook with technical data o n e ngines u p to 1 921. M CFARLAND, MARVIN C , e d. The papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright. 2 vols. New York: M cGraw-Hill Book C o., 1953. L etters of the W right Brothers, including many of their o wn d rgs., diagrs., e tc. M CMAHON, JOHN ROBERT. The Wright brothers, fathers of flight. B oston: Little, Brown a nd C o., 1930. 308 pp., illus. M CSURELY, ALEXANDER. T h e h orsepower a t K itty Hawk. The Bee Hive, v ol. 28, no. 1 ( January 1953), p p. 7 -11, illus. M EAD, GEORGE J . The d evelopment of fixed, radial air-cooled engines. SAE Transactions, v ol. 24, 1929, p p . 4 18-422, illus. Emphasis is h istorical. • — . H istorical development of a ir-cooled engines. 1929), p p. 4 2-44, 224, 2 26-228. Aero Digest, vol. 14 ( February —. S ome aspects of a ircraft engine deve...
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