History of aicraft piston engines

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Unformatted text preview: of r adial engines; e xperince of S tearman A ircraft C o. B EISEL, R E X B ., M ACCLAIN, A . L., and T HOMAS, F . M. T h e cowling and cooling of radial e ngines. Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society ( July 1934), vol. 38, pp. 6 13-650, i llus., d iagrs., graph data. Orginally given as a p aper before ASME 1934 a nnual m eeting. 117 K EMPER, C . Fin and baffle design for a ir-cooled engines. SAE Transactions, v ol. 29, 1934, p p. 3 70-376. Summary of w ork b y N ACA. N ORTH, J . D. E ngine cowling. Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society ( July 1934), vol. 3 8, p p. 5 66-612, illus., diagrs., graph data. Broad historical treatment. S HOEMAKER, J . M., R HINES, T . B., and S ARGENT, H . H., J R . F urther progress in controlled c ooling of r adial engines. SAE Transactions, v ol. 30, 1935, pp. 3 49-360, illus., d iagrs., graph data. Relates t o cowl flaps. D ucted radiators for a ero-engines. Interavia, n o. 357 ( September 3 , 1936), p p. 1-3. A NDERSON, P . A. A ir-cooled radial aircraft engine installation. SAE Transactions, v ol. 3 1, 1936, p p. 3 41-350, illus., drgs., diagrs. W OOD, D ONALD H . E ngine nacelles a nd p ropellers a nd a irplane performance. SAE Transactions, vol. 38, 1936, p p. 1 48-160, illus., drgs., diagrs., t ab. and g raph data. B EISEL, R E X B. Why use cowl flaps? Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences, v ol. 4 , no. 5 (May 1937), p p. 1 85-191, illus. C AMPBELL, K ENNETH. C ylinder cooling a nd d rag of r adial engine installations. SAE Transactions, v ol. 33, 1938, p p . 5 15-528, illus., drgs., graph data. Relates t o c owlings, cowl flaps, a nd baffle designs. L EE, JOHN G . A ir-cooled vs. l iquid-cooled aircraft. Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences, vol. 8, no. 6 (April 1941), p p. 2 19-229, illus., diagrs., graph data. R ICKERT, P ., and H ELD, A . H eat transfer in g eometrically similar cylinders. NACA Technical Memorandum, n o. 977, 1941, 11 p p., g raph data, bibl. of 3 i tems. Also see a rticles i n the following NACA Reports: 4th, 1918; 5th, 1919; 6th, 1920; 13th, 1927; 15th, 1929; 21st, 1935; 23rd, 1937; 24th, 1938; 25th, 1939. Carburetors, Carburetion, and Fuel Injection D evelopment of S tromberg carburetors. Aviation, vol. 23, no. 5 ( August 1, 1927), p . 247. W ILLGOOS, A . V. D. P ratt a nd W hitney fuel injection system. U.S. Air Services, v ol. 17, N o. 2 ( February 1932), p p. 3 5-36. C LOTHIER, W . C. Ice f ormation in c arburetors. Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society ( September 1935), vol. 39, pp. 7 61-806, diagrs., graph data. P ratt & W hitney automatic power a nd m ixture control. Aero Digest, v ol. 26, no. 1 ( July 1935), p p. 3 8-40, 4 2. A utomatic mixture: N ew P ratt & W hitney carburetor control gets long workout o n first P an American flight. Aviation, vol. 34, no. 6 ( June 1935), p p. 3 5-36. B EARDSLEY, G UY E . An a utomatic power a nd m ixture control for a ircraft engines. SAE Transactions, vol. 37, 1935, p p. 3 01-306, illus., diagrs., graph data. A utomatic power a nd m ixtur...
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