History of aicraft piston engines

33 no 2 august 1904 pp 4 3 53 illus 101 s antos dumont

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Unformatted text preview: i ncl. f oldout diagrs. D EGRAFFIGNY, HENRI. Les moteurs legers; applicable a l a navigation a erienne. L'Aerophile, v ol. 2, n o. 6 -7 ( June-July 1894), pp. 128-134. Contemporary steam, gas, e lectric, and compressed-air engines. Engines 1900-1913 A irship after buyer; inventors of North Carolina box kite machine want government to p urchase it. The New York Times ( Saturday, December 26, 1903), p. 1, col. 7. Brief notice of Wright Brothers' 1903 flights. A 4-inch item, at the top of the p age, w hich refers to the great day at Kitty Hawk. (Reproduced here, fig. 10.) T he failure of Langley's Aerodrome. p . 2 72, illus. Scientific American, vol. 89, no. 16 (October 17, 1903), By motor through the air. The Automobile ( London, November 28, 1903), vol. 1, p p. 80-84. H ARRIMAN, J . E INERY, J R . Mechanical flight. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies, v ol. 33, no. 2 (August 1904), pp. 4 3-53, illus. 101 S ANTOS-DUMONT, A LBERTO. T he future of the a irship. Outlook, vol 77, no. 1 (May 7, 1904), p p. 5 2-53. I n this item h e r emarks, "Abandon t he b alloon a nd b uild a flying machine, never!" Later, h e did! E ight-cylinder "Antionette" motor for a eroplane. Engineering, v ol. 82 ( November 3 0, 1906), p . 703, i llus., d rg. L ight-weight gasoline motors for a eronautical work. Scientific American Supplement, V ol. 62, n o. 1612 ( November 2 4, 1906), p p. 2 5-33, illus. Levavasseur's Antionette V, l iquid-cooled engine. S amuel Pierpont Langley. Scientific American, vol. 94, no. 10 ( March 10, 1906), p p. 207, 2 11. O bituary. T he White F lyer—the m otor driven aeroplane of the b rothers Wright. Automotor Journal, vol. 11, n o. 1 ( January 1906), p p. 1 7-20, illus. A n e arly account based o n visits to Dayton b y r epresentatives of L'Auto of F rance. Discusses t he q uestion of secrecy by t he W rights. N o m ention of w ing warping. T he Wright aeroplane a nd its p erformances. Scientific American, v ol. 94, no. 14 ( April 7, 1906), p . 291, illus. G asoline motors for a eronautical work. Scientific American Supplement, vol. 65, no. 1672 ( January 11, 1908), p p. 2 8-30. Illus., d rg. S urvey of F rench engines: Dufaux, F arcot, R.E.P., Renault, Dutheil & C halmers, a nd o thers. H OWLAND, H AROLD J . The sons of D aedalus. Outlook, vol. 90, no. 3 ( September 2 6, 1908), p p. 1 53-169. I llus. Summary of air n avigation to d ate. Mentions Wright B rothers' first flight a nd first flight of W ilbur a t Le M ans, August 11, 1908. T ypes of r ecent foreign flying machines. Scientific American Supplement, vol. 65, no. 1680 ( March 14, 1908), p p. 1 72-174, illus. W RIGHT, ORVILLE a nd W ILBUR. T he Wright brothers' aeroplane. Century, vol. 76, n o. 5 ( September 1908), p p. 6 41-650, illus. First public account by the W right b rothers; illustrated with photos of g liding a nd p ower flights. T he Aero Exhibition. Engineering, v ol. 87 ( March 26, 1909), p p. 4 13^115, 4 18, d rgs. O lympia aero show of 1909. D ANTIN, C . M oteurs t hermiques:...
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