History of aicraft piston engines

349 pp illus drgs diagrs chapter 11 is d evoted t o

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Unformatted text preview: 36, 1940, a nd 1949. T extbook discussions of the s ubject; each edition outlines t he s tatus of a irplane p ropulsion as of its respective date. D AVY, M . J . B., and R ICHARDS, G . T ILGHMAN. Aeronautics; A handbook of the collections illustrating aeronautics; V olume 3 , The propulsion of aircraft. L ondon: H is M ajesty's S tationery Office, 1930. 104 pp., illus. Divided into historical a nd t echnical s urveys, a nd a c atalog of e xhibits as of 1930. Includes 2 p p. of b ibl. D ICKEY, P HILIP S. T h e L iberty engine, 1918-1942. Smithsonian Annals of Flight, v ol. 1, n o. 3 , 1968, 110 pp. G enerously illustrated; graph a nd tab. d ata. D RIGGS, IVAN H ., and L ANCASTER, OTIS E . Gas turbines for aircraft. N ew Y ork: Ronald Press, 1955. 349 pp., illus., drgs., diagrs. Chapter 11 is d evoted t o the h istory of this type. D RYDEN, H UGH. O u r h eritage from Wilbur a nd O rville Wright. Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences, v ol. 30, no. 12 ( December 1953), p p. 8 03-804. E llehammer: A D anish pioneer w ho first flew 5 0 y ears a go. Esso Air World, v ol. 8, n o. 4 ( July-August 1966), p p . 1 6-19, illus. Although his " flights," 1906-1908, were i nconsequential short hops, Ellenhammer's engine was u nusual in its low w t/hp r atio a t t his early date. F AUROTE, F AY L ., A irplane types. SAE Transactions, 1918 p t. 2, pp. 1 37-202, illus. Airplanes u p to 1918, including history starting with Wright brothers. F ROESCH, C HARLES. A r eview of c ommercial a ir t ransport from its b eginning—its f uture a nd problems. SAE Transactions, v ol. 71, 1963, p p . 2 72-280, 2 92, illus. Brief a rticle, useful i n r ecognizing engines used a nd t heir approximate dates of i ntroduction t o c ommercial flying. G EISSE, J . H. T wenty-five years of e ngine design. Aviation, vol. 25, no. 23 ( December 1, 1928), p p . 1 720-1723, illus. Special issue, 25th anniversary of flight a t K itty H awk; also includes, p p. 1 727-1765, a v ery useful series of brief histories of a eronautical manufacturers. G IBBS-SMITH, C HARLES H . The aeroplane; an historical survey of its origins and development. L ondon: H er M ajesty's S tationry Office, 1960. 375 pp., illus. with 22 pp. p hotos. A s cholarly a nd well documented history of h eavier-than-air flight that includes 10 p p. of c hronology, a 5 p . glossary, a nd 4 p p . of b ibliography. This book is p erhaps t he m ost authentic a nd w ell-documented work available i n its field, a nd i ncludes much valuable material o n p ower plants. . The invention of the aeroplane, 1799-1909. N ew Y ork: Taplinger Publishing C o., I nc., 1966. 360 pp., illus. with photos, drawings, a nd s ketches. Complete a nd a uthentic, with emphasis o n t echnical details rather than historical events. Lists a ll e ngines flown, 1903-1909. G ODDARD, ESTHER C , and P ENDRAY, GEORGE EDWARD, e ds. Rocket development; liquid fuel rocket research, 1929-1941. N ew Y ork: Prentice-Hall, I nc., 1 961. 222 p p . H istory of the p ioneer work of R...
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