History of aicraft piston engines

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Unformatted text preview: ll derive the information upon which progress, such as has never been thought possible, will be achieved. 89 T A B L E 2 .—Credits, b y C o u n t r y , for E n g i n e D e v e l o p m e n t s First manned flight Engine Aircraft Tear A USTRIA I nternal combustion engine Lenoir gas engine Haenlein (dirigible) 1872 E llehammer 1906 A rmstrong Siddeley A rmstrong Siddeley 1917 R olls-Royce Eagle Bristol Jupiter V ickers V imy G loster Grebe 1919 1928 R olls-Royce Trent M eteor 1945 Giffard (dirigible) T issandier (dirigible) S antos-Dumont (dirigible) C ornu helicopter Voisin A ntoinette 1852 1883 1898 1907 1909 1910 F arman A ntoinette H eurig Fabre R .A.F. 4D 1910 1906 1910 1918 D ENMARK F ixed radial engine air-cooled Ellehammer E NGLAND W ith gear-driven centrifugal s upercharger T ransatlantic nonstop A utomatic constant-speed propeller T urbo-propeller engine F RANCE S team engine E lectric motor A ir-cooled Otto-cycle engine H elicopter R otary radial engine M ore than 8 cylinders P ropeller reduction gear I nlet-port fuel injection S eaplane (floats) T urbosupercharger S team E lectric motor T ricycle engine A ntoinette V - 8 S eguin Gnome L evavasseur Antoinette 16cylinder R enault V - 8 A ntoinette G nome R ateau G ERMANY R ocket engine Diesel engine in commercial t ransport J et engine A xial flow jet engine R ocket engine in military service v on Opel Opel-Sander R ak-1 J unkers 2-cycle o pposed piston Junkers G—38 v on Ohain J unkers Ju-004 W alter 1929 c a. 1936 H einkel H e-178 M esserschmitt 262 M esserschmitt 163 1939 1944 1944 S pad 7 1914 S PAIN-SWITZERLAND A luminum cylinder structure H ispano-Suiza 90 U NITED S TATES First manned flight A irplane S eaplane (flying boat) O ver 400 hp T ransatlantic with 2 stops W ith fuel antiknock M etal propeller C ontrollable-pitch propeller O ver 200 mph C rankless engine R oots supercharger* Diesel engine C ylinder fuel injection with spark i gnition W ith pendulum-type vibration a bsorber Tear Aircraft Engine W right C urtiss L iberty 4 L iberties L iberty R eed H ispano-Suiza C urtiss D -12 C aminez L iberty P ackard P ratt and Whitney W right C urtiss D eHavilland-4 N avy-Curtiss N C - 4 D H - 4 (McCook Field) S tandard J - l C urtiss J N - 4 (McCook Field) C urtiss racer (Detroit) F airchild D H - 4 (NACA) S tinson Detroiter Monoplane F ord or Fokker W right 1820 1903 1912 1918 1919 1921 1921 c a. 1921 1922 1926 1927 1928 1931 W right Experimental 1935 *As s tated ( p. 60), the British two-cycle NEC engine used a Roots-type scavenger blower, but this was n ot a supercharger in the sense that it was used for altitude compensation Footnotes 1 T he plane had a wing span of 80 ft, a wing area of 300 sq ft, a fuselage length of 25 ft, a nd weighed 130 lb. The pilot was required to develop 0.4 hp. in order to fly the plane, w hich had a cruising speed of 21 and a stalling speed of 16 mph. Details of its tests are c ontained in the catalog of the Shuttleworth Collection, the British museum where it is e xhibited. (See " S outhampton University Man Powe...
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