History of aicraft piston engines

An exhaustive bibliography including all important

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Unformatted text preview: ing out of excess oil with the exhaust, as mentioned in t he text. 5. Difficulty of providing a closed exhaust system. 93 I n spite of these disadvantages, however, the rotary engine was an excellent design for the state of the art during the two decades after 1900. It was p roduced in large quantities during 1914-1918, a nd powered many successful fighter planes. 94 Bibliography Expanded and Arranged by Dr. Richard K. Smith From Material Furnished by G. Fayette Taylor T his bibliography is limited to material, mostly in the English language, w hich the author considers important in connection with the history of aircraft propulsion, and with which he is familiar. An exhaustive bibliography including all important foreign references would be a desirable p roject for some future historian. T he first section of the bibliography contains books and periodical a rticles in which the emphasis is on the historical aspects of engine development. The second and third sections, comprised mainly of references to t opical articles in the periodical literature, is arranged chronologically by d ate of publication. This was done on the assumption that anyone using this bibliography is more likely to be familiar with the time period in which a d evelopment has occurred that with an author's name. N ACA (National Advisory Committee for A eronautics—later t he N ational Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, Washington, D .C.) c arried out, and also sponsored, exhaustive and important research i n airplane engine technology. For a complete list of its publications in this field, see the index of NACA publications, listed in the first section of this bibliography. Especially relevant NACA reports are included on p ages 123 t o 134, a nd are referenced under the appropriate headings. Bibliographies and Indexes B ROCKET, PAUL, e d. Bibliography of aeronautics of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics [now NASA]. Washington, D . C : U.S. Government Printing Office. P ublished during the years 1910 through 1932, when further work on it was unfortunately abandoned, this valuable source had its inception when the editor was a ssistant librarian at the Smithsonian Institution, and the first volume appeared as v olume 35 of the Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. G AMBLE, WILLIAM BURT, e d. History of aeronautics. A selected list of references to material in the New York Public Library, 1938. N ew York Public Library publication, 1 938. 325 pp. Originally published as a series in the New York Public Library Bulletin ( January 1936 to September 1937). See especially "Engines," 122-128. 95 N ational Advisory Committee for A eronautics. Index of NACA technical publications, 1 915-1949. 1950. 605 pp. See also bibliography of N ACA Reports, p . 1 23. History a nd Technology of Aircraft a nd Flight C ertain aspects of t he h istory of a ircraft propulsion a re also treated in p ublications listed u nder Aircraft Powerplants: Aircraft Power Before 1900 ( VILLENEUVE, 1...
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