History of aicraft piston engines

P reliminary report o n the p roblem of t he

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Unformatted text preview: fully feathering airscrew; details of the C urtiss-Wright 120-degree a ngular range electrical operation. Flight, v ol. 14, no. 5 (May 27, 1937), Engineering Supplement, p p. 2 9-31, illus. J ABLONSKY, BRUNO. Airscrews a t the P aris aero show. The Aeroplane, v ol. 52 ( February 3 , 1937), p p. 1 39-141, a nd vol. 52 ( February 17, 1937), p p. 1 93-195, illus., diagrs. B AKER, CARL F . P ropeller problems imposed by s ubstratosphere flight. SAE Transactions, vol. 33, 1938, p p. 2 85-288, 3 00. L AMPTON, G. T. P ropeller factors tending t o l imit aircraft engine powers. SAE Transactions, vol. 33, 1938, p p. 2 89-292, graph data. M CSURELY, ALEXANDER. T he W rights a nd the p ropeller. The Bee Hive, v ol. 28, no. 2 ( Spring 1953), p p. 2 0-24, illus. M OLSON, K . M. S ome historial notes o n the d evelopment of the v ariable pitch propeller. Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal ( June 1965), vol. 1 1, p p. 1 77-183, illus., bibliography of 25 i tems. 122 N ational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Annual Reports, 1915-1939 1st Annual Report, 1915 M ARVIN, CHARLES F . P reliminary report o n the p roblem of t he atmosphere i n r elation t o aeronautics. Report 4 in First Annual Report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1915 ( Washington: Government Printing Office, 1 916),* p p. 1 29-130. L UCKE, CHARLES E . T hermodynamic efficiency of p resent types of i nternal combustion e ngines for a ircraft: Part I , R eview of the d evelopment of e ngines suitable for A eronautic service; Part I I , A ero engines analyzed with reference t o e lements of Process o r f unction. Report 7 i n N ACA, 1st Annual Report, 1915 ( 1916), p p . 1 86-303. E xtensive tab. data. A n e xcellent source of i nformation about engines of that time. 2d Annual Report, 1916 G eneral specifications covering requirements of a eronautic instruments. Report 8 in N ACA, 2d Annual Report, 1916 ( 1917), p p. 25-28. N omenclature for a eronautics. Report 9 in N ACA, 2d Annual Report, 1916 ( 1917), p p . 3 1-37. D IEDERICHS, H ., and U PTON, G . B., Mufflers for a eronautic engines. Report 10 in N ACA, 2d Annual Report, 1916 ( 1917), p p. 4 1-49, drgs., t ab. d ata. I n s pite of s uch work, mufflers have seldom been used on a ircraft engines. L UCKE, C HARLES EDWARD, a nd W I L L H O F F T , FRIEDRICH O T T O . C arburetor d esign— a p reliminary study of the state of the art. Report 11 in N ACA, 2d Annual Report, 1916 ( 1917), p p . 5 3-552. Structured i n seven chapters, this report is profusely i llustrated with drgs. from patents, accompanied b y e xtensive discussions. A n o utstanding source of information o n c arburetor design i n 1916. 3d Annual Report, 1917 D ICKINSON, H . C. A eronautic power plant investigations: 1. P erformance of a eronautic e ngines a t h igh altitudes; 2, Radiator design; 3, Spark plugs. Report 23 in NACA, 3d Annual Report, 1917 ( 1918), p p . 479-495, drgs., diagrs. 4th Annual Report, 1918 P ARIS, A UGUST J E A N , J R . , a nd P ARIS, W . F RAN...
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