History of aicraft piston engines

Richard k smith from material furnished by c fayette

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Unformatted text preview: ranged by Dr. Richard K. Smith, from material furnished by C. Fayette Taylor) Bibliographies and Indexes H istory and Technology of Aircraft and Flight ( Publications primarily concerned with aircraft development, but incidentally containing valuable material on aircraft propulsion, or with theory and technological p ractice) Aircraft Powerplants (Descriptions and technical d ata: u nder Engines, dates refer to date of publication) Aircraft Power Before 1900 E ngines 1900-1913 E ngines 1914-1919 E ngines 1920-1924 E ngines 1925-1929 E ngines 1930-1934 E ngines 1935-1939 Piston Engines 1940 and After S team Engines Diesel Engines J et, Rocket, and Turbine Engines R elated Technical Developments A ltitude Performance and Supercharging Cooling, Cowling, and Radiators C arburetors, Carburetion, and Fuel Injection I nstruments and Accessories ( Engine instruments, fuel-supply and exhaust systems, ignition systems and spark plugs, starters a nd starting) F uels and Combustion, Lubrication P ropellers and Propeller Gearing N ational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Annual Reports . VI 95 96 101 101 101 103 104 106 108 109 110 112 112 113 115 115 117 118 119 120 121 123 F oreword T his, t he fourth number of Smithsonian Annals of Flight, was the Fourth Lester B. G ardner Lecture, delivered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M arch 8, 1962, and at the Smithsonian Institution, October 5, 1962. Subsequently it was published in the General Appendix to the Annual Report . . . of the Smithsonian Institution . . . for the Tear Ended June 30, 1962 ( 1963). As presented here, the text has been revised, enlarged, and updated. Its 72 i llustrations, many of them new, include a number of engines, aircraft, and the m aterials in the collections of the National Air and Space Museum. W ith it, for the first time, appears the bibliography which accompanied the o riginal manuscript and which, for lack of space, could not then (1963) be printed. T his has since been edited and expanded to approximately double its original l ength by Dr. Richard K. Smith while he was serving on the Museum staff. I ts n early 600 entries, most of them contemporary accounts, cover the whole range of e ngine development and related activities from the early beginnings. This bibliography should be a useful and welcome tool, both for the airplane enthusiast and for the historian of aviation technology. T he active connection of the author, C. Fayette Taylor, with aircraft power s tarted with his appointment in 1917 as officer-in-charge of the (aircraft) Power P lant Laboratory of the United States Navy, Washington, D .C. H ere the engines of World War I, both foreign and domestic, were tested and improved. From 1919 to 1923 he was engineer-in-charge of the Power Plant Laboratory of the A rmy Air Service at McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio. Pioneer work on engines and fuels was done during this period. From 1923 t o 1926 h e was engineer-in-charge of design, and for a short while chief engineer at Wright Aeronautical Corporation, Paterson, New Jersey, concentrating on the development of air-cooled r adial e...
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