History of aicraft piston engines

Sae transactions vol 21 p t 1 1926 pp 2 35 274 illus

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Unformatted text preview: , v ol. 15, p t. 1, 1920, pp. 6 08-624. Considerable graph data; relates t o l aboratory a nd test s tand work. D EBOTHEZAT, G EORGE. A irplane performance as influenced b y the s upercharged engine. NACA Technical Note, n o. 2, 1920, 7 pp. 115 D EVILLERS, RENE. T he problem of the turbo-compressor. NACA Technical Note, n o. 1 1, 1920, 28 pp. S CHWAGER, OTTO. N otes on the design of supercharged and over-dimensioned aircraft m otors. Transl. from Technische Berichte, vol. 3. NACA Technical Note, n o. 7, 1920, 6 p p. M CCREADY, JOHN A . Functioning of supercharger in altitude flight. Aviation, vol. 12, n o. 2 ( January 9, 1922), p. 51. McCready, as pilot of the LePere airplane with a t urbo-supercharged Liberty engine made the world's high-altitude record in 1921. G REGG, DAVID. S uperchargers. Aviation, vol. 19, no. 4 (July 27, 1925), pp. 90-92, illus., d rgs. G ARDNER, ARTHUR W . A Roots-type engine supercharger. SAE Transactions, v ol. 21, p t. 2 (1926), pp. 9 11-943, illus., drgs., graph data. S HORT, C . R. Supercharging internal-combustion engines. SAE Transactions, vol. 21, p t. 1, 1926, pp. 2 35-274, illus., drgs. History as of 1925. First G.E. model, May 1918, o n Liberty engine; first flight, spring of 1919. F EDDEN, A. H. R. The supercharging of aircraft and motor-vehicle engines. Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society ( September 1927), vol. 31, pp. 933-972, illus., drgs., d iagrs., graph data. K ORVIN-KROUKOVSKY, B . V. The high altitude airplane; engineering problems in the design of an airplane to navigate in the stratosphere. Aviation, vol. 26, no. 16 ( April 20, 1929), Aeronautical Engineering Section, pp. L IV-LXI; a nd no. 20 ( May 18, 1929), p p. L XXVIII-LXXXIV. R oots supercharger on Soucek plane proves efficiency of blower type. Automotive Industries, vol. 60, no. 24 (June 15, 1929), pp. 911-913, illus. Comments on the 1929 w orld's altitude record with this equipment. J OHNSTON, S. P AUL. T he present status of aircraft engine superchargers. Aviation, vol. 29, n o. 6 (December 1930), pp. 358-359. B ERGER, A. L., and Chenoweth, Opie. The turbo supercharger. SAE Transactions, vol. 26, 1931, p p. 592-607, illus., graph data. Emphasis is historical. S CHEY, OSCAR W . Superchargers and supercharging. SAE Transactions, vol. 26, 1931, p p. 5 81-591, illus., graph data. CUMMINGS, H . K., and G ARLOCK, E . A. Altitude laboratory tests of aircraft engines. A SME, Transactions, v ol. 54, 1932, pp. 53-60, illus. R AGAZZI, PAOLO. T he power of aircraft engines at altitude. NACA Technical Memorandum, n o. 895, 1939, 38 pp., illus., diagrs., graph and tab. data, bibl. of 5 items. G ASTERSTADT, J . Junkers diesel motors and supercharging. The Aeroplane, vol. 42, no. 1342 (February 10, 1937), pp. 165-169, illus., drgs., graph data. A Lilienthal Gesellschaft lecture. German application of the turbo-supercharger. SARRACINO, MARCELLO. N ew method of calculating the power at altitude of aircraft engines equipped with superchargers on the basis of tests made under sealevel...
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