History of aicraft piston engines

W the e ngines contribution t o e conomic short haul

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Unformatted text preview: er 1949), pp. 293-296; and no. 248 ( October 1949), pp. 328-330. Illus., drgs., diagrs., graph data. 114 P roteus a nd c oupled-Proteus turbines. The Aeroplane, v ol. 77, no. 2009 (December 9, 1949), p p. 7 83-787, illus., diagrs., graph data, a nd p hantom view d rg. J e t controversy. Interavia, v ol. 7, no. 9, 1952, pp. 5 02-503. Whittle a nd H einkel. D RIGGS, I . H., and L ANCASTER, O . E . Gas t urbine development: Aviation. ASME, Transactions, v ol. 75 ( 1953), p p. 2 17-234, illus., diagrs., graph a nd tab. d ata, bibl. of 10 i tems. T AYLOR, P . B. T h e first 100 y ears of a ircraft powerplants. SAE Journal, v ol. 63, no. 2 ( February 1955), p p. 8 9-92. Past a nd f uture "history" t o the y ear 2005. Includes m aterial o n e arly j et e ngines. M ARTIN, JAMES A . T h e r ecord-setting research airplanes. Aerospace Engineering, vol. 21, n o. 12 ( December 1962), p p. 4 9-54, illus., t ab. and g raph data, bibl. From Bell X - l t o N orth American X - 1 5 , i ncluding data o n t heir engines. E LTIS, E . M., and M ORLEY, F . W. The e ngine's contribution t o e conomic short-haul j et transport. SAE Transactions, v ol. 73, 1965, pp. 6 09-620, illus. chart, graph a nd t ab. d ata. See also under History and Technology ( DRIGGS a nd L ANCASTER, 1 955; G ODDARD a nd P ENDRAY, 1 961; L E Y , 1961; P RATT, 1 965; S MITH, 1 942). And under NACA R eports, 9th, 1923 ( BUCKINGHAM). R elated Technical Developments F or articles containing information o n e ngine vibration a nd its c ontrol see u nder History a nd Technology ( HOLZER, 1921). Also under Aircraft Powerplants, Engines 1925-1929 ( CARTER, 1 927). H AZEN a nd Engines 1935-1939 M ONTIETH, 1 938; ( LURENBAUM, 1 936; T AYLOR, 1936; D RAPER, 1 938; T AYLOR a nd B ROWNE, 1 938; B ENTLEY, 1 939; B ROWNE, 1939). Piston Engines 1940 and after ( CARTER a nd F ORSHAW, 1943). F or articles containing information o n valves see u nder Aircraft Powerplants, Engines 1920-1924 ( HERON, 1922). Engines 1935-1939 ( "The C oming of the Sleeve Valve" 1 937; H ow t he Sleeve Valve Works," 1 937; F EDDEN, 1938). Piston Engines 1940 and After ( COLWELL, 1940, " T h e D evelopment of S odium Cooling of E xhaust Valves," 1940). Altitude Performance and Supercharging A merican engine tests under high altitude conditions. The Aeroplane, vol. 17, A ugust 2 7, 1919, p p. 8 35-838, a nd S eptember 3 , 1919, p p. 9 21-924. Graph data. H ALLETT, E . A. S uperchargers a nd s upercharging engines. SAE Journal, vol. 5, no. 5 ( November 1919), p p. 3 71-375. Sherbondy (1918) with t he U.S. R ateau-Bateau S moot C o.; t hree examples built (1919); poor cooling. G .E. m achine tested a t P ike's Peak (1918); n ew G.E. t ype under test i n flight (1919). G AGE, V . R. S ome factors of e ngine performance. SAE Transactions, vol. 15, pt. 1, 1920, p p. 9 63-982. Analysis of B ureau of S tandards altitude chamber tests. S PARROW, S. W. F lying a n a irplane engine o n the g round. SAE Transactions...
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