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Unformatted text preview: me: STD: Z value: Probability: 35.00 0.33 9.00 0% Question #2 (5 points) You want to purchase a car with a sticker price of $25,000. The car dealer offers you a $2,000 discount and a 48-month, 8.5% APR compounded monthly, or no discount with a 4.0% APR on a 48-month loan. Which offer is better? Offer 1: $32275.09 Offer 2: $29329.97 The second offer is better because less money will be paid. Question # 3 (5 points) Using the early start schedule for the project given below, determine the maximum overdraft and total interest costs. Plot the total costs, total payments, and overdraft. Assume the followings: 1. The retainage is ten percent (1...
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