I think the material in the book is pretty

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Unformatted text preview: ies they give you as examples. Bradberry & Graves pages 60 – 223 – You only need to know this well enough to give examples of strategies to work on each skill. g. ALL the videos posted on Moodle from the beginning through Week 7. That means there are seven weeks of videos. 4. It will be about 60% from the text and lectures about the text and 40% from the online video supplements I am always asked about a study guide—and the answer is no, I don’t give one. I think the material in the book is pretty straightforward. As for the online videos, you should treat those just like a class lecture. You should have been taking notes on them and you may want to outline them. I CONSIDER THESE VIDEOS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE MATERIAL IN THE BOOKS. The great thing about the online class is you can go back and review every video again if you...
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