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Biology Lab Test 1 Review Writing a Purpose: Should be in the future tense Should not begin with “The purpose of this experiment is…” Should not exceed 2 sentences Needs to be in complete sentences A brief two or three word description of the method being used Contain a brief reason about why the experiment is being performed Results: Should be presented in a table with the appropriate title and headings. Standard deviations and averages are needed for all data. For a graph, it should be a scatter plot with title and axis labels with units. Standard Deviation : Confidence Interval : C = ± t (s / √N) t depends on the number in the sample, N Lab 1: Daphnia Average heart rate : calculated to use as a control to see how the heart rates changed before and after the chemical was added Dependence of heart rate on temperature : done to show whether or not heart rate increases or decreases with a change in temperature. The change in the heart rate before and after is used to see if there is a linear trend. There should not be a linear trend because daphnia have a threshold of temperature that they can stand before they die. If it were linear, it means that they would survive at -20 o , and that is not plausible. They have a specific step by step heart rate vs. temperature increase. As the temperature increases the heart rate increases and as the temperature decreases the heart rate decreases because they are cold blooded and they don’t thermo regulate, which means that their bodies take on the temperature of their environment, increasing and decreasing their metabolism. Testing the Effect of Chemicals on Daphnia Heart Rate : used to see if heart rate increases or decreases based on the chemical. If the heart rate decreased, it means it suppresses the circulatory system, and if it increased then it causes the circulatory/
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Lab_Test_Review_1 - Biology Lab Test 1 Review Writing a...

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